I was reluctant about shooting this video. Initially, I thought the idea was way too corny but as I thought about it and reflected on my goals for the year and the mission of Gratitude at Work... it had to be done. 

We want to breed more gratitude and have a simple idea to do so. I hope you'll help.

Here's the email

SUBJECT LINE: I’m Grateful for You


I’m doing a 10 day challenge. The challenge is to think of 10 people who’ve made a difference in my life and then over the next 10 days send each person an email with 3 things I’m grateful for about them.

You made my list and here’s what I’m grateful for about you…

  1. <<GRATITUDE 1>>
  2. <<GRATITUDE 2>>
  3. <<GRATITUDE 3>>

Please join me in this challenge and express your gratitude to 10 people who’ve made a difference in your life.

In gratitude for you,



Here's how it works:

  1. think of 10 people who've made a difference in your life
  2. pick one person each day for the next 10 days, and tag them by sending them an email with 3 things you’re grateful for about them (just copy this email and update their name, your name and the 3 gratitudes)

Here's some nitty-gritty Q&As:

  • you can send 3 gratitudes back to the person to anyone who tags you but don’t count it towards your 10 days (sorry)
  • don’t tag the same person more than once
  • if you get tagged a second time or third time (or more) - tag another person(s) that day and send them 3 gratitudes
  • after 10 days don’t feel obliged to keep going, but by all means you can
  • tell us about your experience at https://www.gratitudeatwork.ca/GROgratitude
  • if you post anything on social media, include the hashtag #GROgratitude
  • feel free to translate this into another language