Gratitude at Work Limited donates a percentage of our top line revenue on everything we do to support important community programs. We began this practice on day one and it's an important part of how we give back to make a difference in the community out of gratitude for the clients we serve, for the community which supports us and for the skills and talents we've been given.


We are proud to partner with HomeBridge Youth Society and other community leaders on this innovative and life changing program

Expressions Program of the Arts

Since 2013, Gratitude at Work has partnered with HomeBridge Youth Society to enable youth to deeply explore creative arts of their choosing. Expressions, is a multi-component life skills program that utilizes the Arts to facilitate resiliency and success in youth at risk. Since the development of the Expressions Program of the Arts in 2004, more than 1,400 youth have had the opportunity to develop a greater respect for themselves and others, experience success and obtain life skills necessary to increase their resilience; thereby, decreasing factors that place them at risk of substance use, early school drop out, involvement in the sex trade, chronic unemployment, youth homelessness and anti-social behaviors. 

To date, youth living throughout the HomeBridge Community have participated in art, music, dance, drama, circus skills, digital photography, kickboxing, Parkour, Tai Chi, yoga and videography classes. For many this offers a creative outlet for their emotions that they have never experienced before and an opportunity to feel valued and connected.

Gratitude at Work has partnered with HomeBridge on the intensive Master Classes that provide youth in depth training, coaching and support for the creative outlet of their choosing.

100 Men Who Give a Damn! - Halifax

We were a founding member and organizer of 100 Men Who Give a Damn! - Halifax. In 20, one-hour meetings, this "non-organization" raised $400,000 with 100% of donations go to local charities. Yes, no expenses and Steve was honoured to emcee the quarterly meet-up events.

Meriden Programme

In 2011 Gratitude at Work partnered with other community leaders on this innovative concept, out of the UK, that works to transform traditional mental healthcare treatment into a more client-centred collaborative approach. It focuses on the whole family, rather than just the patient. The training supported by this program is multiplying the impact across the province.

Energy Disabilities Leadership Award

Prior to Gratitude at Work in 2007, Steve initiated the first endowment for students with disabilities at Nova Scotia Community College. Gratitude at Work continued the partnership with NSCC Foundation and is proud of the Energy Disabilities Leadership Award. Since 2013, the fund has provided life changing awards to 15 deserving students, who are leaders in their own right.