l love the story in this video. It's hard to believe but these type of customer interactions happen all the time. Watch it (below) to learn about the Gratitude Line and the critical importance of the grateful mindset.

This is one of those lessons you'll want to share with your people. When you do, take the time to discuss it (make sure you refer to the science below) and ensure your business walks the Gratitude Line.

Here's the Science

In a 2006 Northeastern University study, researchers found that participants who were grateful (triggered when they received assistance in the study) and subsequently given the opportunity to assist a complete stranger, spent on average 50% more time helping the stranger than those who were not grateful (in my lingo... grateful people walk the Gratitude Line).

While the researchers looked at "helping strangers", their findings readily translate to the business equivalent of "serving customers".

How does a business walk the Gratitude Line? It's simple... create a culture where your people regularly "receive assistance". This begins with you and the assistance and service you provide.