Have you seen team perfect?


Have you seen team perfect?


Study after study; results confirm the social, physical, and psychological benefits of gratitude… benefits critical for a positive productive engaged workplace culture. Grateful people are more likely to achieve important life goals, are healthier, have better social relationships, are more optimistic and have greater life satisfaction. Gratitude insulates you from aging, hopelessness and depression.

More specifically at work, research has found that:

  • 93% of people agree that grateful bosses are more likely to succeed.
  • 88% of people say that expressing gratitude to colleagues makes them feel happier and more fulfilled.
  • 70% of people would feel better about themselves if their boss were grateful.
  • 81% of people would work harder for a grateful boss.
  • In one study from Harvard University and Wharton, receiving a “thank you” from a supervisor boosted productivity by more than 50%.
  • In other studies, people who were grateful spent 15% - 50% more time helping complete strangers… going the extra mile.
  • Yet only 10% of people express gratitude at work each day and sadly 60% of people never or rarely express gratitude at work.

two facts we cannot ignore

  1. The number one reason people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated.
  2. Complacency and entitlement (for which gratitude is he antidote) is costing employers $2,650 per employee every single year.

all of Which begs the question...

Why do employers face such a huge problem when a simple solution is right at their finger tips?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve lost business because I’ve told the CEO we have to follow tip 3 (as identified in the video below by UC Berkeley - the scientific epicentre of gratitude)
— Steve Foran

If you want to close the gratitude gap, let us help because when it comes to gratitude... your people need more.


We provide your people a system and the tools they need to view their work and their world positively. When we look at Gallup's data, it's pretty clear... 70% of the workforce is suffering from complacency and entitlement.
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Overcoming the human tendency to focus on the negative requires effort. Our simple system ends the downward spiral that accompanies negative thinking and lays the foundation for greater professional and personal success.
Graditude at work
Let us help you build a more grateful culture and get employees who are happier, more productive, more engaged and more committed... and you'll go down in history as a grateful leader and the best boss they've ever had.