People ask me, "Why gratitude Steve?" My answer is simple... it's not because people are broken nor because they are ungrateful or ingrateful. Nope. The reason why you want more gratefulness is...

...gratitude is essential to wellbeing and success.


The Grateful Keynote

For more than a decade Steve has been speaking to companies, organizations and large groups about the power of gratitude in their work and day-to-day lives.

Check out our CLIENT PAGE to see who he's spoken with and what some of our clients are saying about working with him. "The Grateful Keynote" is our language... it ranges from 45 minutes to 90 minutes and gives your audience what they need to begin incorporating more gratefulness quickly. Our keynote and workshop programs are:

The Most Important 6 Minutes of Your Day

  • Far too many people spend too much time struggling in survival mode with little hope of leading a thriving life. Discover where you fall on the Leadership Spectrum as well as the most effective way to lead a meaningful, purpose-led life. In this program you discover why your people are craving Grateful Leadership and why gratitude needs to be a foundational component in your leadership style. We'll give you simple and practical tools that will become the most important 6 minutes of your day. This will transform all aspects of your life - be that at work, at home or in your community.
    NOTE: If you believe that everyone is a leader, you’ll understand why this program is not just for positional leaders.

Economics of Engagement

  • The battle against complacency and entitlement can be exhausting. It’s costing organizations upwards of $2,600 per employee every single year. In this program you’ll learn the Economics of Engagement Framework which explains the relationship between complacency and entitlement, engagement and of course, gratitude. You’ll walk away with techniques you can immediately begin using to generate greater employee engagement and reduce the cost of complacency and entitlement.

Habits of Happiness

  • The elusive search for happiness is within everyone’s grasp. While most people know happiness is an inside job, there’s a huge gap in understanding how to actually achieve greater happiness. In this program you learn the 4 Habits of Happiness… these 4 foundational habits will take between 4-8 minutes per day and put you on the fast track to greater happiness. We even include ongoing support to help solidify and keep the habits alive.

Geared for GROth

  • GROth is about mindset and whether that mindset is for an organization or an individual, mindset lies at the foundation of success. GROth mindsets are healthier, happier, more innovative, more resilient and more satisfied with life overall. This program introduces you to the GROth Mindset, simple steps on how to develop one and includes ongoing support to maintain and strengthen it.

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In 2017, together with 42 other top rated speakers from around the world, Steve was awarded the highest earned designation in professional speaking - CSP™

Our video gallery contains a few stories taken from some a sampling of Steve's live presentations.