Our simple and effective assessment tools examine the existing culture of your organization and your people that enable us to provide customized training tailored to your organization and based on the responsibilities of your people. We provide the necessary training to help them get started with the habits they need for greater personal and professinal success.



The knowledge and ideas you need for success as an organization... they already exist within your organization. We incorporate gratefulness into our facilitation to help you do things like clarify your vision, build a strategic plan, strengthen teams, and grow your relationships with stakeholders.


Using gratitude as the basis for our confidential coaching, we help leaders better understand their environment and themselves and serve as an accountibility partner to help them achieve their desired results faster.


Nothing is more rewarding or impactful over the long haul than purposefully changing the culture of your organization for the better.


Our consulting program is for the leader who is serious about their vision of the future, confident their people will be pivotal in getting there and is in need of a simple but effective approach that genuinely engages their team in the change.

Working across all levels of the organization, Steve collaborates with your leadership team to establish a behaviour changing strategy that integrates the principles of gratitude into your organization and oversees its implementation.

People ask me, "Why gratitude Steve?" My answer is simple... it's not because people are broken nor because they are they ungrateful or ingrateful. Nope. The reason why you want more gratefulness is...

...gratitude is essential to wellbeing and success.




STATUSGRO™ is for individuals and organizations in search of greater personal and professional success. STATUSGRO™ complements our in person programs and is rigorous enough to stand on its own for those that prefer the flexibility of a self-paced learning and development.